Friday, 15 June 2012

We finished our Ok go opening minute!

Today we finally managed to congregate together so we could film our minute recreation of the music video of 'A million ways to be cruel' by Ok Go. I just wrote Ok God. I'm amused. But yes we filmed our minute today! Which means we have one less thing to worry about! And the weather actually cooperated with us today (though that was probably due to me and Omar's sun dance) so it's been a good day on all accounts. Only downside was my hair decided it'd cover my face throughout the whole video and we had to spend 4 hours rehearsing and/or filming. But it was all worth it because it's fab!

The only trouble we had today was that we changed (at the last minute) the section we were going to replicate because the bit we previously were going to do was really complicated and we really wanted to do the fighting bit. So we did and it was great.

I think (though I don't know) that Sarah will be uploading our first two attempts onto Youtube when she gets home but you'll have to wait for the actual thing as we have to cut the first bit off where we decided to have a bit of improv dancing to lighten the mood.

I'm going to dedicate this post to Sarah, Omar and Livvy for all their hard work today! Not only have we completed our prelim but we have also formed a dance group called Ko Og and shall hopefully be doing the Single ladies dance soon. But yes thankyou all for your help! This dance will go down in Cats In Space history!

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  1. YouTube currently hates me and is refusing to play anything in more than 2 second bursts. The two second bursts look really good though. Can't wait to see what you managed.

    With this in mind, bring your footage along on Tuesday as well as any storyboard animatic stuff you have so I can make sure you have something constructive to do.

    Would Ko Og be able to do a Single Ladies dance routine and lip sync version? I sense a chance for you to do lots of fun stuff and use it for R&P at the same time...(you're now going to say that Ko Og is a very tongue in cheek thing which isn't a reality aren't you? And I'm going to be crushed. Crushed).

    Thanks for your hard work. Hope your computer is fixed soon. My daughter just threw (destroyed) her mum's laptop on the floor, giggled and then tried to stick the electric cabling viscera that had spilt from the belly of the beast in her gob whilst shouting 'meow'. Unlike Ice Cube, today may not be a good day.