Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Storyboard part uno.

'Half inlove with Elizabeth' by Edwards scissor hands

On their album 'Half inlove with this album'

1. A long shot from the side of a young boy of around 7 drawing. The camera is slowly zooming in towards his face.

2. The shot rapidly cuts to a close up of his drawing. The camera is again zooming slowly towards Elizabeth's face in the background you hear someone coughing.
3. A two shot of the two of them walking hand in hand. This shot is shown in greyscale to show it is a memory.
4. That shot rapidly cuts to another two shot however it is clear time has passed as the kids are now teens. The shot is still shown in greyscale as this too is a memory.
4. The last shot rapidly cuts to this two shot of the pair. More time has gone by as they are now adult, This shot too is greyscale to show it is a memory.
5. Another rapid cut and the shot changes back to 3 except Elizabeth's drawing is seen seperating the two again. The shot is in colour and lasts for about 2 seconds.
6. Rapid cutting takes us back to 4 except (as expected) Elizabeth is shown. The shot is only 2 seconds long and is shown in colour. The shot fades out.
7. This shot is a close-up/two shot of the adult pair. The shot is shown in greyscale to add to the drama - with the dramatic subtitles - she is saying 'I love you'. This shot fades in from black.

8. Rapid cut to another close up/two shot of them. The shot is shown in greyscale. He is saying 'I love you'.
9. Rapidly cuts to a close up of him. This time in colour. This is to represent youth as Elizabeth is a figment of his imagination. Or is she?
10. Rapid cut to a close up of the drawing standing where his girlfriend once was. The shot is slowly zooming in. This rapidly cuts to...
11. Another greyscale close up of the pair kissing. Ewww. This shot lasts for a maximum of two seconds as...
12. The image of his girlfriend suddenly switches to the drawing of Elizabeth. The shot is in colour. This lasts throughout the sentence.

13. Rapid cuts to a two shot of his girlfriend and Elizabeth. His girlfriend is shocked as she feels a presence. This shot is only a second long as...

14. A mid-shot/two shot of the two in a restaurant. The girlfriend is looking sufficiently awkward. He is staring into the distance wonderingly. The camera zooms in on his face and shot fades to white.


  1. Narratively really secure. Does need that performance element to it to really bring it in line with Goodwin for an indie video but, then, this was the very first miusic video task I set and the whole idea was to see what you'd do before we'd looked at loads of theories so, considering all that, still impressive.

    Remember to add some labels to your posts. USe the ubiquitous 'research and planning' label but also look at the R&P keywords I gave you
    and start using them as labels too (such as 'storyboards', I'd definitely get a lable for 'storyboards'. And one for 'similar products' too.

  2. Oh, and, yes my spelling (well, typography and, as arch-pedant, I draw a distinction) is not entirely lapse free. I apologise.