Monday, 25 June 2012

Some of my demographic research.

Demographic research quesstionnaire -
1) What's your name?
2) What's your age?
3) What would you say is your faviroute genre of music? (Genre being rock, jazz, classical, indie, r 'n' b etc)
4) Do you enjoy the type of music videos that come with your faviroute genre of music?
5) What do you expect in a music video for your faviroute genre of music?
6) What do you think is the most important aspect of a music video? (i.e the lyrics going with what's happening in the music video)
7) Who is your faviroute band/singer?
8) Do you have a faviroute music video of theirs?
9) If so what is it?
Thankyou for answering.

1) What's your name? Robert Willcocks.
2) 47
3) New wave (punk)
4) No Why? I prefer pop music videos
5) Punk's don't usually have videos. Their music videos are usually performance based.
6) The live footage of the band
7) The Jam or Paul Weller
8) Going Underground - consists of them singing live on stage

1) What's your name? Lindsay Willcocks.
2) 20
3) Indie.
4) Yes
5) They tell a story of the song they are singing - narrative based.
6) Getting the message of the music across
7) Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines
8) Yes
9) Flourescent Adolescent

1) Livvy Midson
2) 17
3) Indie
4) Yes
5) The band to be shown
6) The lyrics going on with what's happening.
8) Burnin' up.
9) Because they were superheroes in it (I don't see how that's relevent to the lyrics of the song but OKAY! C:)

1) Jamie Southwould
2) 17
3) Dance (club music)
4) Their music videos are okay but sometimes irrelevent and are just there to give people something to watch
5) I expect the music videos to be irrelevent and contain lots of naked girls (That was a pleasant answer)
6) The most important aspect would probably be IFX (I have no idea what this means. I shall look it up.)
7) My faviroute singer/rapper would be Eminem or DJ Tiesto (but for these purposes i'm going for Eminem)
8) Lose yourself by Eminem
9) It's relevent about his rise to fame and such and so is the song.

I will be posting more this evening it's just that my laptop is playing up (as usual).


  1. I, too, cannot find reference to IFX. Possibly mean 'SFX'?

  2. I don't even know. It might be because i'm so tired but I thought IFX had something to do with bikes. Either way i'll go with SFX.