Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm a dedicated media student.

I'm going to have to stay up for two more hours just so my animatic can be uploaded even though i've been trying to since 5! Yay! Which means i'll be dead tommorow in Media. However if you dare moan at me about it...I will simply refer you to this post.

So in the name of all that is good and rightly I have prepared myself for what is to be the longest night of my life. I have got two water bottles, the entire season 1 of Supernatural and a bowl of my sister's mexican sweets to keep my energy going.It would've been fruit but fruit is noisy to eat and disgusting.

My animatic isn't even that good so I don't know why i'm going through all this trouble to upload it. I think it's more of a principle thing than a being a good student thing. My laptop has been playing me up for ages and finally I get it fixed...for it break again. It's not fair. This laptop owes me. So if we both (we being me and laptop) have to stay up all night to upload my animatic then we will. That is final.

/Pointless post over.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. Your video has successfully uploaded to YouTube, in case you had got so bored of waiting you hand't noticed.

    When have I ever moaned at you? :)

    If your laptop is still being a pain feel free to pop along before period 1 and you can upload it from my computer if that'll help.