Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wuthering Heights (our one minute prelim).

This is our one minute extract of Wuthering Heights. We did try to make it as accurate as possible however that clearly isn't the case. Perhaps we should have chosen an easier music video to remake but here it is anyway.

I will be addressing the issue on there being houses in the background in another post where I will be analysing our prelim. So do not worry. There will be an explanation though I think we do explain in our video diary.

Hopefully we will be uploading another version of this so that there won't be nothing but eternal blackness and Kate Bush singing in the end. Enjoy.

Wuthering Heights video diary

Monday, 3 September 2012

My second animatic.

I chose the song "Last night" by Lucy Spraggan which isn't actually a recorded song (as you can tell) but a song that was performed on X Factor. Side note - I was watching X factor because my sister wanted me to watch something with her. I was away for a month without seeing her. So I had no choice in what it was we watched. So that's why you can hear people clapping in the background and things. I will be uploading this onto youtube as soon as I get back from visiting Sarah and Livvy but for now it's on my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Facebook research.

So far...

Conventions of hip hop music videos.

My poor attempts at audience research.

I realise that I am still missing key things on my blog but I should have them up by Tuesday since i'm currently working on two things at once to get them all done. I still take full responsibility for not having done them. My family and I went away and took our laptop so I could achieve this goal but there was no wifi and I had no way of posting any of the prezis or editing them. It's a poor excuse as they should have been done months ago but I feel that I owe you an apology in advance for my tardiness. Is that what they call it in America? I think they do. Anyway.

I've been trying to get audience research from all over the globe. I've been asking in Ibiza and in the Isle of Wight for people's feedback but it's hard to come by when you have no wifi to show them the song so you have to ask random questions like what is your faviroute genre of music and do you like the music videos affiliated with that genre of music. So today i've been doing more online audience research. This has clearly been the wrong approach as my generation are either too shy to answer properly or just generally idiotic so that they don't answer what i've asked them. Oh dear. I sound as cynical as Harry. But yes I have been trying to get more evidence of audience research that i've been collecting but it's harder than it looks. I thought, however, that I would post something to explain the conundrums i've been facing and to enlighten you by letting you know I have been doing research.

I will let you know when anyone I come across is willing to answer. :)