Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Storyboard part uno.

'Half inlove with Elizabeth' by Edwards scissor hands

On their album 'Half inlove with this album'

1. A long shot from the side of a young boy of around 7 drawing. The camera is slowly zooming in towards his face.

2. The shot rapidly cuts to a close up of his drawing. The camera is again zooming slowly towards Elizabeth's face in the background you hear someone coughing.
3. A two shot of the two of them walking hand in hand. This shot is shown in greyscale to show it is a memory.
4. That shot rapidly cuts to another two shot however it is clear time has passed as the kids are now teens. The shot is still shown in greyscale as this too is a memory.
4. The last shot rapidly cuts to this two shot of the pair. More time has gone by as they are now adult, This shot too is greyscale to show it is a memory.
5. Another rapid cut and the shot changes back to 3 except Elizabeth's drawing is seen seperating the two again. The shot is in colour and lasts for about 2 seconds.
6. Rapid cutting takes us back to 4 except (as expected) Elizabeth is shown. The shot is only 2 seconds long and is shown in colour. The shot fades out.
7. This shot is a close-up/two shot of the adult pair. The shot is shown in greyscale to add to the drama - with the dramatic subtitles - she is saying 'I love you'. This shot fades in from black.

8. Rapid cut to another close up/two shot of them. The shot is shown in greyscale. He is saying 'I love you'.
9. Rapidly cuts to a close up of him. This time in colour. This is to represent youth as Elizabeth is a figment of his imagination. Or is she?
10. Rapid cut to a close up of the drawing standing where his girlfriend once was. The shot is slowly zooming in. This rapidly cuts to...
11. Another greyscale close up of the pair kissing. Ewww. This shot lasts for a maximum of two seconds as...
12. The image of his girlfriend suddenly switches to the drawing of Elizabeth. The shot is in colour. This lasts throughout the sentence.

13. Rapid cuts to a two shot of his girlfriend and Elizabeth. His girlfriend is shocked as she feels a presence. This shot is only a second long as...

14. A mid-shot/two shot of the two in a restaurant. The girlfriend is looking sufficiently awkward. He is staring into the distance wonderingly. The camera zooms in on his face and shot fades to white.

Monday, 25 June 2012

1 minute extract.

My animatic.

This is the narrative for my animatic since i've not made it very clear -
A young boy of around 7 is drawing his dream girl when his best friend (who happens to be a female. Wink wink) appears in the door way. We then see various clips/flashbacks of the pair of them growing up however he is still obsessed with Elizabeth as time goes by and so she appears in the colour versions of his memories because their from his perspective. Now they've grown up and the pair of them are either married, engaged or cohabiting (sociological term). But because he is still obsessed with this idea of his "dream girl" he sees Elizabeth when she tells him she loves him. It suddenly becomes clear to her that something is wrong and as time progresses (when they go to dinner) she knows that his mind is somewhere else. That night she catches him "cheating" on her by painting Elizabeth. DRAMATIC SUBTITLES COMMENCE. She then realises just how mentally unstable he is and begins to go through all the memories they've had together. "The bubble will burst" signifies her realisation and we see the various memories they spent together where all she can see is Elizabeth. Finally she says it's over and decides to get away from him. While she's running she can't get Elizabeth off of her mind and begins to break down. Right at the end she pulls his wallet out of her bag and discovers the original picture of Elizabeth with the writing at the bottom saying: "My dream girl".


I'm a dedicated media student.

I'm going to have to stay up for two more hours just so my animatic can be uploaded even though i've been trying to since 5! Yay! Which means i'll be dead tommorow in Media. However if you dare moan at me about it...I will simply refer you to this post.

So in the name of all that is good and rightly I have prepared myself for what is to be the longest night of my life. I have got two water bottles, the entire season 1 of Supernatural and a bowl of my sister's mexican sweets to keep my energy going.It would've been fruit but fruit is noisy to eat and disgusting.

My animatic isn't even that good so I don't know why i'm going through all this trouble to upload it. I think it's more of a principle thing than a being a good student thing. My laptop has been playing me up for ages and finally I get it fixed...for it break again. It's not fair. This laptop owes me. So if we both (we being me and laptop) have to stay up all night to upload my animatic then we will. That is final.

/Pointless post over.

Some of my demographic research.

Demographic research quesstionnaire -
1) What's your name?
2) What's your age?
3) What would you say is your faviroute genre of music? (Genre being rock, jazz, classical, indie, r 'n' b etc)
4) Do you enjoy the type of music videos that come with your faviroute genre of music?
5) What do you expect in a music video for your faviroute genre of music?
6) What do you think is the most important aspect of a music video? (i.e the lyrics going with what's happening in the music video)
7) Who is your faviroute band/singer?
8) Do you have a faviroute music video of theirs?
9) If so what is it?
Thankyou for answering.

1) What's your name? Robert Willcocks.
2) 47
3) New wave (punk)
4) No Why? I prefer pop music videos
5) Punk's don't usually have videos. Their music videos are usually performance based.
6) The live footage of the band
7) The Jam or Paul Weller
8) Going Underground - consists of them singing live on stage

1) What's your name? Lindsay Willcocks.
2) 20
3) Indie.
4) Yes
5) They tell a story of the song they are singing - narrative based.
6) Getting the message of the music across
7) Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines
8) Yes
9) Flourescent Adolescent

1) Livvy Midson
2) 17
3) Indie
4) Yes
5) The band to be shown
6) The lyrics going on with what's happening.
8) Burnin' up.
9) Because they were superheroes in it (I don't see how that's relevent to the lyrics of the song but OKAY! C:)

1) Jamie Southwould
2) 17
3) Dance (club music)
4) Their music videos are okay but sometimes irrelevent and are just there to give people something to watch
5) I expect the music videos to be irrelevent and contain lots of naked girls (That was a pleasant answer)
6) The most important aspect would probably be IFX (I have no idea what this means. I shall look it up.)
7) My faviroute singer/rapper would be Eminem or DJ Tiesto (but for these purposes i'm going for Eminem)
8) Lose yourself by Eminem
9) It's relevent about his rise to fame and such and so is the song.

I will be posting more this evening it's just that my laptop is playing up (as usual).

My computer internet isn't working so i'm using my phone to apologise for my animatic not being up. I'm going to try later!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My animatic is finished!

I will be posting it on youtube as soon as possible. I was going to post it directly onto here but for some bizarre reason blogspot won't let me. I'm going to stay positive though as my laptop is fixed! After whats taken years! Well not exactly. And it took PC world 5 minutes to fix it. Whereas all the other computer shops took yonks. I'm unimpressed by them.

So yes I hope you're looking forward to my animatic. I will be posting the narrative with it because it's not very self explainatory. I can't spell. Well...wish me luck!

Friday, 15 June 2012

We finished our Ok go opening minute!

Today we finally managed to congregate together so we could film our minute recreation of the music video of 'A million ways to be cruel' by Ok Go. I just wrote Ok God. I'm amused. But yes we filmed our minute today! Which means we have one less thing to worry about! And the weather actually cooperated with us today (though that was probably due to me and Omar's sun dance) so it's been a good day on all accounts. Only downside was my hair decided it'd cover my face throughout the whole video and we had to spend 4 hours rehearsing and/or filming. But it was all worth it because it's fab!

The only trouble we had today was that we changed (at the last minute) the section we were going to replicate because the bit we previously were going to do was really complicated and we really wanted to do the fighting bit. So we did and it was great.

I think (though I don't know) that Sarah will be uploading our first two attempts onto Youtube when she gets home but you'll have to wait for the actual thing as we have to cut the first bit off where we decided to have a bit of improv dancing to lighten the mood.

I'm going to dedicate this post to Sarah, Omar and Livvy for all their hard work today! Not only have we completed our prelim but we have also formed a dance group called Ko Og and shall hopefully be doing the Single ladies dance soon. But yes thankyou all for your help! This dance will go down in Cats In Space history!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

So I deleted my awkward post.

It was just cause I was so excited about having a new blog. So yeah! Toodah! It's prettier than my last one and will hopefully be more interactive.

...This post is so exciting. I'm gonna go now. Bye. :D