Monday, 25 June 2012

My animatic.

This is the narrative for my animatic since i've not made it very clear -
A young boy of around 7 is drawing his dream girl when his best friend (who happens to be a female. Wink wink) appears in the door way. We then see various clips/flashbacks of the pair of them growing up however he is still obsessed with Elizabeth as time goes by and so she appears in the colour versions of his memories because their from his perspective. Now they've grown up and the pair of them are either married, engaged or cohabiting (sociological term). But because he is still obsessed with this idea of his "dream girl" he sees Elizabeth when she tells him she loves him. It suddenly becomes clear to her that something is wrong and as time progresses (when they go to dinner) she knows that his mind is somewhere else. That night she catches him "cheating" on her by painting Elizabeth. DRAMATIC SUBTITLES COMMENCE. She then realises just how mentally unstable he is and begins to go through all the memories they've had together. "The bubble will burst" signifies her realisation and we see the various memories they spent together where all she can see is Elizabeth. Finally she says it's over and decides to get away from him. While she's running she can't get Elizabeth off of her mind and begins to break down. Right at the end she pulls his wallet out of her bag and discovers the original picture of Elizabeth with the writing at the bottom saying: "My dream girl".



  1. Really, really good idea. REALLY good. I cannot express how good I think this idea is except by repetedly typing a range of sentence constructions containing both the words 'really' and 'good'.

    In short, to summarise my main points, this idea is really good.

    Very thoughtful, fits with the lyrics, thematically in keeping with the genre, a clear and engaging narrative which is well structured using a range of ideas we haven't really lokoed at yet and are due to look at on Tuesday next week (well done, psychic) and just generally a really intelligent idea.

    You do know this means I'll be pushing you to get as close to 100% for the construction mark as possible now, though, yeah?

    It is just such a wonderfully simple and pertinent idea which could be executed so effectively...I liked.

    Take care.

  2. Oh, I know what I was going to say before I got carried away. Does it need a performance element to it to really bring it line with genre expectations? Or for the artists to appear in the background / as extras / in some novel way to ensure there are lots of close ups of them (you may have covered this in the pictures of your storyboard, if so, ignore me).