Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My animatic is finished!

I will be posting it on youtube as soon as possible. I was going to post it directly onto here but for some bizarre reason blogspot won't let me. I'm going to stay positive though as my laptop is fixed! After whats taken years! Well not exactly. And it took PC world 5 minutes to fix it. Whereas all the other computer shops took yonks. I'm unimpressed by them.

So yes I hope you're looking forward to my animatic. I will be posting the narrative with it because it's not very self explainatory. I can't spell. Well...wish me luck!


  1. There are marks for communication. Make sure you can spell!

    Great news about the computer. I lok forward to seeing the animatic.

  2. Then i'm going to mark you for spelling.

    *Look forward. Not lok. :)