Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A sneak peek of my Digipak.

Here are two sides of my Digipak design. The 1st image is my front cover and the 2nd image is the back page. Seeing them both together I have noticed that the change of background colouring may need to be sorted as it could potentially be marked as a theme continuity error. I also realise, now that i'm uploading these pictures, that this is the first that i've mentioned about my changing of the album's title.  Originally the album was going to be called: 'Monsters' because of a lyric in our song choice 'Black Heart' by Stooshe however after working so closely with Sarah on Digipak ideas I decided to take a different route so that the examiner could differentiate between her work and mine. My album is now called: 'Villains' hence the (awful) heroes costumes. My target audience for my digipak would be females within the age ranges of 13 - 19. If we look at the grander scheme of things I could also suggest that although my digipak is aimed at these particular ages that is not to say that it will not appeal to older generations. The potential for my digipak to expand to women in their early 20s is possible as showing young girls as indepedent 'super heroes' will appeal to feminists and single women. This is not to say that women in relationships will not buy the product but women who are single will relate to independence and therefore seek to see other women (in this case band members) being proud to be independent.

To round this post off for you examiner here is a little game. The name of the game is 'Guess the reference'. If you are an avid musical watcher then perhaps you have already guessed the references. If you haven't then here is the fun part. Each of the track names is a reference to a specific musical. There are two fairly obvious ones and nine fairly unobvious ones. Write below if you've guessed them all. Good luck.


  1. I KNOW ALL OF THEM but I'll never tell (that was another sneaky musical reference there).

  2. I'm going to give you feedback based on each panel - I hope this is useful :)

    Really, really bright front cover - given that you're looking to market the album and artist to teenage girls, the theme really works. One thing I could point out is that it seems a bit of a contradiction having the "Villains" title in huge letters, for us to see three superheroes underneath - I remember at one point you were throwing around the idea of having the heroes surrounded by villain characters; this could work really well as it would match the title of the album, with the heroic poses still showing you three as the 'winners' in the scene, supporting the girl power image.

    The photo of you three waving to the audience is a really good idea. It shows the artists as being friendly people, making them likeable. I'm not too sure about the gradient background - as it's a stock effect it might detract from the professional feel. One thing which might be worth trying is using a spot halftone effect as your background akin to one of these styles - - it could work well with the light-hearted comic book style you've got going on.

    This is probably my favourite panel because it really gives the album a bit of character - I can't help but feel that if this album had one of those special edition deluxe releases, it would come with a little booklet with the entire story of the three heroes tracking down Black Heart and putting a stop to his evil ways :D Again, my only real criticism would be the background being too simplistic - maybe try using a stock photo of clouds, but putting a Cutout filter over it so that it keeps the comic book colour style?

    BOOM! POW! The impact logos are a great idea. They really help the action comic feel. Everyone loves them some over the top cheesy superhero imagery here and there (and if they deny it, they're lying).

    I'm guessing this is an inside panel? The "heartbreakers beware" text is perfect in context and that font is great :)

    Ah, a comic dialogue panel - as with the others, I'd suggest trying that halftone pattern in the background; it could possibly help fill the space a bit more, because right now it looks a bit empty. I love the speech bubbles!

    1. Overall, I like the comic book theme because it's lighthearted and fun, which is what one would expect from a teen pop artist :)