Thursday, 18 April 2013

Marketing Campaign Poster

It's not perfect and it most certainly isn't very professional but i've finally finished my final draft of my Marketing Campaign. I had to choose links between the poster, digipak and music video very carefully but I think I have succeeded in subtly bringing them all together. The 'black heart' figurine and black house is representative of the music video and the three superheroes are representative of my Digipak. I won't say that I am happy with the final thing because i'm not but I am happy that i've finished it in time.
If there are any last minute suggestions on things I could be able to improve on or add to it then please let me know below so that I can post an analysis of the final thing with my final digipak later this week and not have to go over it a few days before the deadline.
Feedback will be deeply appreciated.

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