Sunday, 7 April 2013

'Dirty Heart' Draft 2.

This is the finished second draft of our music video to 'Black Heart' by Stooshe. Now renamed 'Dirty Heart' by The Machine Ate Florence. These are the actual completed narrative shots that we intend to use for the final piece.

Speaking as analytically as possible about the piece I would have to say that there will need to be changes made to some of the shots in regards to mise-en-scene. Lighting, prop and costume may need to be attended to as each hold significance which (in my opinion) is not being made obvious. I may consider making the narrative shots black and white with only the respective emotion colours being shown however this may also take away from the symbolism of the shots to do with weather and lighting.

The lighting will need to be ammended as soon as possible. I hate that during Sarah and Ben's fighting scene there is yellow lighting. On the other hand a convention of Pop music videos is for everything to be bright and tampering with this may subvert that convention to a point where our audience will find it tedious, unappealing and/or boring.

Aesthetically I think the individual shots have been filmed quite well. There is no visible shakiness that I can see and shots seem to be appropriate for the lyrics and music. I love that we have tracked Ben walking up to the house during the slowest section of the song. This is almost as though time is running out for Ben and his power over the girl's is slowly diminishing with each step as the music is getting slower and slower. Then when the music picks up and he is the house it is apparent to the audience that he is about to be confronted and therefore the girl's gain all the power. This makes me very proud of the editing.

The editing so far is pleasing. I dislike how uninteresting my scene with Ben is (the scene where I cower into his shoulder) because the editing is almost too plain. I wish we could have found a more interesting way to display these shots.

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