Saturday, 27 April 2013

'Dirty Heart' Draft 2.5

This is our 3rd draft of 'Dirty Heart' but we have chosen to name it Draft 2.5 as not much as really been changed since the second draft. As you can tell we have chosen to keep the colour scheme we had going before after taking a consensus vote with the class. Our class of fully professional media students all decided that we should stick with the bright colouring so that our music video would attract a younger audience. Children usually prefer things to be quite colourful as it reminds them of crayons and drawing and fun or that is what I like to assume.

Still having no problems with the cinematography or the editing. The main problem I was would point out with this draft is the background noise that I can contiuously hear. I do not know if this is a problem that you, the examiner, have noticed but I have and therefore I will have to go back and change it.

I'm not too sure about the black frame around the music video. This was, despite what you may believe, a concious decision that Sarah and I made during the post production process. This was because we wanted to give our audience the feel of being in a cinema while watching our video. As if this were in fact a mini film as opposed to a music video because of the narrative. We wanted to replicate this sense of being in a cinema, excited to get past the adverts and onto the film itself. This is why there is a black frame encircling the video but I am unsure as to whether or not I like it. It may distract from the actual music video and make it look unaesthetically pleasing and/or unprofessional therefore quite tacky.

I shall post the finished draft soon.

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