Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Digipak updates.

So as of yet I haven't really talked about my digipak and this is for one simple reason - that we hadn't even begun to think about them until a month ago - so apologies on my behalf. However Sarah and I could recall discussing our ideas for our digipaks at the beginning of the year. Low and behold we found a list of mind boggling ideas in the back of her notebook and thus started on our journey to digipakdom.

These ideas all consisted of monster themes and characters as the name of our album is indeed 'Monsters' or was as recently, after having discussed with my teacher and a focus group, I have renamed my digipak 'Villains' so that I can go along the route of using a comic-strip theme. Sarah is sticking with the original name.

Later I shall post an image or slideshow depicting what I wish to do for my digipak and how I hope it will end up looking. Until then I shall give you a list of things that I will be requiring for the photography I intend to use:

  1. Superhero costumes: Superwoman, Wonder Woman and Bat Girl. 
  2. Three young gents to portray the villains
  3. Three capes because capes are fab
  4. Domestic settings

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