Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The cast and crew.

So today I was given a list of things that I need to include on my blog. One of these things was a list of the cast and crew involved in the making of our music video. Being that we have already filmed our first draft I can state who was involved, what their role was and how that role may differ when we film our final draft.

The cast:
  • Sarah Byard and I. Sarah Byard who is the love of my life. The beauty in my existance. Actually she is my partner on this project. Last year (as you may well know) we were a group of three known as Cats In Space however due to the decrease in numbers of our class we had to split into a group of two and one. Me and Sarah (after months of deliberation) decided to stick together. Jess decided to work on her own. So yes. Me and Sarah together forever. But on a serious note yes we are working together on this music video. After thinking over our options we decided that the most viable one was for me and Sarah to be a part of the cast and by that I mean members of the band. This was the simplest option as it meant that we didn't need to depend on anyone else. Not that we don't know people who are reliable (as you will soon find out) but we thought it was less hassle and less time consuming if we used ourselves. So in this circumstance Sarah is one of the band members featured regularly throughout the music video and so am I.
  • Livvy Midson. Livvy Midson who is the love of my entire existance. Even in death. Livvy is our best friend who after being pleaded with for months on end agreed to be a part of the band. This again was our simplest option as she is someone who understands how complex the process of filming and editing is because she has been there on various occasions during last year's post production process. So in this circumstance we trust her to make the time to help us. Livvy is a member of the band (like Sarah and I) who is shown regularly throughout the music video.
  • Ben Amatruda. First of all i'd just like to point out how grateful we are to Ben for starring in this music video. This is because Ben is a member of our media class who has his own coursework to focus on but still promised to help us film during half term. He basically dedicated all his time to Media and for that we are sincerely grateful. Ben plays a massive part in our music video as he happens to be the "monster" the song is based around. Ben plays a 'lad' who is sneakily dating all three of the band members. He too is shown at regular intervals throughout the music video.
  • Jess Fells. I'd also like to thank Jess for the time she put into helping us film. She only had a minimal role to play but she still came out and helped us and for that we are very grateful. Jess stars as a girl who Ben (mentioned above) happens to check out while on a date with Livvy. This then causes the pair of them to row and Livvy storms off. End of scene.

The crew:
  • Director of Dirty Heart by The Machine at Florence - Sarah. If you moderated my blog last year you would know that last year the role of director fell down to me. This year Sarah and I have decided to switch roles in order to see the responsibilities required for each of them. So this year Sarah is the director.
  • Producer - That would be me. As mentioned above we have decided to switch roles from what we had last year so that we can get a further grasp of what directing and producing is.
  • Editor/s - Me and Sarah are both co-editors of this music video. We are both taking part in editing the music video together. We've spread these roles evenly between us.
  • Director of cinematography - There is a divide here between me and Sarah but Sarah mostly dominated the filming.
  • Lighting - I took responsibility for the lighting. Though a lot of the shots we filmed were in natural lighting so we didn't need any aesthetic.
  • Craft services - Not really relevent for this music video.
  • Make up - We left this down to the actors involved. We didn't want to force Ben to wear make up.
  • Costume - Again we left this down to the actors involved. As long as the clothes weren't inappropriate.
  • Prop Wrangler - Left down to the actors involved. There were not many props needing to be wrangled.
  • Transport manager - There was no need for much transport in our music video but we can thank Jess's mum for dropping her off.
  • Location manager - This was my job as a lot of the shots we filmed were in my house. In fact all but one were filmed in my house. Therefore I am the location manager.
  • Continuity editor - Sarah as she loves making things correct.
  • Set dresser - Livvy. As the set didn't need much dressing and she wanted a mention.

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