Thursday, 22 November 2012

Props list or mise-en-scene list.

This will be a list of some of the features in our music video including costume, lighting, setting, location and prop. I shall convert this into a prezi as soon as I get in.

Although we have as of far left the costume down to the actors when we do our actual music video we intend to plan what they're wearing. Currently the actors are seen in casual clothing that they have chosen themselves for the purposes of our draft.

  • Livvy is seen wearing pair of wintery leggings, a t-shirt that is unseen, a black coat, a wooly hat and a pair of boots. This is during the first scene where Livvy and Ben are walking down a street. In the performance sequence she is wearing a red and white dress with tights and black heels. This is because in most pop music videos the performance element is usually the part where the band make an effort to look 'famous' or out of the average whereas they strive to look average in order for the narrative to make sense.
  • Sarah's first scene costume consists of a white, printed t-shirt of Johnny Depp topless (bow chicka wow wow), a pair of high waisted shorts and tights. She is not wearing shoes as she is shown indoors. She would be comfortable in her own home and therefore we made her dress as such. In the performance sequence Sarah is seen LOOKIN' FINE AS ALWAYS 'After all this time?' 'Always' wearing a pink, one shouldered dress. Underneath she is wearing a pair of tights and black heels. THEY'RE BLACKER THAN BEN'S HEART. 
  • Hannah, that is me, I am during my first scene wearing a purple top, black and white cardigan, black and pink aztec skirt and a pair of black tights. We all are wearing one item of black which is symbolic to the way that Ben's black heart is tainting us. In our performance scene I am wearing a purple dress with printed gold birds on it, I am also wearing tights and heels.
  • Jess (though only viewed once but is still pretty fine) is wearing a black coat, tights and shorts and a grey top. 
  • Ben changes clothes quite often throughout the music video. In his scenes with Livvy and me (as they are on the same day), Ben is seen wearing a blue plaid shirt, black jeans, jacket and bag (over the shoulder). He too tends to wear at least one item of black as he is the one with the black heart. When he is with Sarah, Ben is shown wearing a pink shirt with white circles and the same pair of jeans he wore the first day. He is not wearing black in this scene because his darkness is shown through movement however on the day of filming the actual draft I shall have Ben wear some item of black on him.

  • Mostly natural lighting as we had no need for aesthetic. A lot of the shots we filmed were located outside therefore there was no need for extra lighting. On the other hand my scene with Ben is set in the darkness because they are supposed to be watching a horror film but this may change depending on any developments we make later.
  • 1st scene: The location is a street directly adjacent to the Waltham Cross shopping centre.
  • 2nd scene: The location the hall at school. We are on the stage singing.
  • 3rd scene: The location is the garage conversion. In there is a sofa and television so it looks like a living room.
  • 4th scene: The location is my actual living room but set as Sarah and Ben's living room.\
  • 5th scene: As of yet unidentified. We have not filmed this bit yet.
  • Ben's phone which Sarah picks up and finds out that Ben is cheating. The big reveal happens in the 3rd scene.
  • My television remote for Ben to turn the horror film on. I don't see why he does that as it's supposed to be the scary bit. EH.
  • Bacon Rashers to make Ben look more manly.

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