Thursday, 18 October 2012

Our Sales Pitch

This is our sales pitch for The Machine Ate Florence that we did on Tuesday. The Machine Ate Florence is the band name we will be using for the purposes of our coursework. The song we will be using is Black Heart by Stooshe.


  1. Hannah and Sarah (Yes, I know that this is Hanah's blog, but let's face it -- you might as well be the same person. I may as well start referring to you Sannah or Harah).

    Anyways, there are a few areas I would like you to develop before going ahead with the project. You can start storyboarding, but I would like to see more evidence of research and planning:

    1) You have done some of your own primary research (survey, exploring internet comments, etc). How about some secondary research as well. Are there any web-sites of similar bands or styles that seem to target the same audience. By examining these similar bands and songs, how is it beginning to influence your own piece. Will you seek to challenege the conventions of these similar products? How are you going to apply this research to your blog?

    2) What technical/technological considerations are you considering for your product? Will you need any specialist equipment (e.g. green screen, dolly, SLR camera for embedded stills, smoke machine??). If so, how is your research helping you arrive at any decisions? How are you going to post this to your blog?

    3) Logistics. You need to begin making a log of when/where/who/what to create the video. The log should be a work in progress. How are you recruiting actors? Locations. You should have records of this type of scheduling and planning. How are you going to apply this to your blog?

    4) What is the connection to your ancillary pieces? Has your evaluation of the ancillary pieces effected yor research and planning for the main piece? How? How are you going to make technical improvements next time, avoid pitfalls.

    Finally, I really couldn't write a comment without mentioning your dancing at 1:56. It brought your Dragon's Den Pitch to life. Fabulous stuff (and not a hint of sarcasm).

    ps. I loved the pic of Makka Pakka at the end.

  2. Shall I do a post about some of the past research we've done for all three of our song choices?

    I detect sarcasm. I'm hurt. I thought you really liked my dancing. *sniffs*

    1. Yeah, why not. Perhaps you could do something that shows the developmental arc of the whole project. Perhaps a timeline. Perhaps even a one of those animationabobthings that tells the story of your journey to the final video, using a Todorov/Freytag(-ian) narrative model to document the disruption of normality and subsequent climaxes, and your perceived resolutions. I don't even know if this is possible, but it sounds great in my head... alternatively, you could just come up with a normal way to blog and link your research.

  3. I'm going to skip over the fact where you rob me of my own individual identity (after all your defence of feminism, you're turning into an oppressive male!)

    1) I'm not really sure I understand what you mean. Do you want us to look at similar products and say how we're conforming/subverting their [trying really hard to think of a word that isn't stuff] things?

    3) We've thought about all the logistics, but we just need to write it down and blog about it at some point. We actually need to ask you about getting permission to use the hall. We were going to today, but you had a lesson so we decided against it.

    It's okay Hannah, I love your dancing.