Wednesday, 10 October 2012

An overview of what our Sales Pitch will include.

So I noticed that I haven't posted anything new in a while so I decided i'd log on and let you (the examiner or Mr Nicola or whoever is reading) that i'm not dead. After having finished our second one minute extract we decided we would get going with the Sales Pitch for our final music video. This will include the following:

  • A band logo that we have created for our band name: The Machine Ate Florence. We've named the band The Machine Ate Florence for several reasons. One being that we were aiming to use something satirical because we have discovered (after months of audience research) that our demographic prefer bands with the use of funny/satirical names. However I would like to add for the sake of clearing my conscience that by using this name we are in no way insinuating anything about Florence and The Machine (though it may look that way). I myself am actually a big fan of Florence and The Machine so the use of this name is strictly for the purposes of the music video and not for self expression.
  • A storyboard/shot by shot of what we intend to do for the opening minute of our music video. I shall post (later on today) a mock up of our storyboard so that you can see what we're trying to achieve within our opening minute so that if we keep it we can justify our choice of location, setting, mise-en-scene, lighting etc or if we decide to take a different route we can show the process and if neccessary justify our reasons for not keeping our original.
  • An analysis of how our fake band will/does conform to the stereotypes of most girl bands. A.K.A Girl power and so on.
  • An analysis of how our fake band will/does subvert the stereotypes of most girl bands.
  • How and why we made our song choice. For our music video we shall be using the song: "Black Heart" by Stooshe. I will explain in another post why we chose to use this song and the legal information required. Rest assured though that we do have permission from the band to use the song and I will give evidence of this in the aforementioned post.
  • We may even go into detail on what we want the message of our music video to be and how we will represent that throughout the video.
So far we have completed -
  • Mocking up our band logo
  • Our storyboard 10 seconds into the song
And have started working on -
  • The storyboard/shot by shot of the opening minute of our music video.
  • The analysis on how our band conforms/subverts the stereotypes of typical girl bands
Today we should be working on finishing the storyboard for our opening minute. This will commence when Sarah finishes her driving lesson. If I do not have a mock up of our storyboard by tonight then take that as to meaning we haven't finished and I will try to get it onto my blog at Thursday the latest since we will probably be working on it in our free periods on Thursday.

Wish us luck.

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