Saturday, 14 July 2012

Filming our one minute extract.

I think what i'm about to say might be a bit obvious (due to the title basically giving it away) but we filmed our one minute extract for Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" today. Despite us having done an excercise similar to this one before this task was alot more complicated however this was not due to us learning the direction or the camera shots for the piece but due to other factors such as the weather and mise-en-scene. Finding a costume for this was always going to be tricky since Kate Bush's video was filmed quite a long time ago (well to me) but we managed to find something suitable that does actually resemble the outfit worn by Kate Bush in the video. The dress itself isn't as long as the one worn by Kate Bush but we evaded this problem by having Sarah wear red tights beneath the dress to blend in. We also chose a minute that consisted of mostly mid shots so it wasn't so obvious. Another issue we crossed was finding the same colour of red that Kate Bush is wearing. As you can tell the colours aren't that similar but although we searched we couldn't find an outfit that remotely resembled Kate Bush's outfit that was the exact colour of the original. So we settled on having Sarah in a red dress that was similar to the original and put emphasis on the accesories such as the flowers in her hair, the flower around her neck (which in the actual video Sarah is wearing but I couldn't find a screencap from the behind-the-scene footage with the flower round her neck) and the black fabric wrapped around her middle.

We didn't have an issue with recreating the make up Kate Bush is wearing in her music video because she isn't actually wearing that much. From what we could see (and you can see) Kate is wearing greenish/silver eye shadow, mascara and red lips. Me and Sarah are both female (shockingly) so it wasn't hard to find the make up that could be used for this. The flowers in their hair aren't identical but they are both red and chunky so we didn't think it mattered too much. The main focus of our music video will be on the choreography and the camera angles/movement and we think we did both rather well. Here is a side by side of Sarah as Kate Bush and Kate Kate Bush or Cathy depending on how you look at it. If I can find a closer shot of Sarah's make up then I shall replace the photo I have up now with that one but for now I think this picture shall suffice.
The weather was the biggest problem we faced today. Living in England means we rarely have a spot of dry to film in (even when it's Summer) which meant that me and Sarah had prepared to wait until 7 pm for the Weather to calm down. Eventually (though not at 7 luckily) the weather became bareable so we rushed out to film. We filmed in a park round the corner from Sarah's block of flats that is just one grassy plane with trees surrounding it. For this we thought it was perfect although the trees do not match the ones in the music video. I suspect this is because Kate Bush's music video was filmed in another country but I could be wrong. We spent about an hour on filming all the shots and a half an hour filming behind the scene footage and answering questions on the important aspects of our production. Hopefully we will upload the footage or the finished article when we return from Summer but there may be a chance of us uploading it before then.

Until this does happen we decided to film and edit together a mini promo for our music video (actualy it's not...we were using mean girl's lines to promote Kate Bush) and make a video of media terminology dedicated to our media teacher. Not random media terminology I might add but terminology that we had to consider within our piece. Do enjoy the media terminology video. Unfortunately I cannot work out how to post the other video so...



  2. Do I have the filming diary? Is it on Horatio? Should I upload the filming diary?